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O projektu / Introduction

Thanks to technological advances in the fields of micro- and nano- technologies and electronics in recent years, transforming ordinary textile garment into the so-called smart clothing becomes more realistic by means of adding or embedding electronic and electric materials and components which would enable a person wearing such a smart textile a more advanced interaction with his surrounding for various needs - from personal entertainment in a sense of more practical listening to a music or traffic navigation, to monitoring body parameters during recreational activities, just as for more serious purposes such as team work for civil and military needs.

So far, achievements in this area of making or applying e-textile have not been impressive due to insufficient reliability of components, insufficient air-permeability of such garment, high cost of their manufacturing and being impractical when it comes to washing them. Besides it, such garment was pretty rigid and uncomfortable and therefore impractical for everyday wearing. Market analyses forecast a steady growth of this segment of the market at an annual rate of 12%, even up to 25% percent till 2022.

Following up the work started by the author of this project proposal, that was published in 2018. in a scientific journal of 1st quartile, it is proposed here to continue this development by means of improving the performance of the previously designed circuit and exploring possible solutions for additional features of the jacket, researching in the fields of integration of circuits for voice and data communication towards the outside world, embedding and communication of wearable sensors towards the central control unit, an advanced power supply of the circuits as well as protection of the body from excessive radiation.

Publikacije / Publications

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